The content of this site is mainly about my Amateur Radio hobby. The subsequent pages describe a few of my construction projects, hopefully this will provide some useful information and ideas. It will also include some of my small scale home engineering, perhaps a bit about my Land Rovers and maybe a little photography.

My amateur radio activities are primarily construction, VHF and UHF DX operation, particularly MS, weak signal tropo and EME, For a number of reasons I have decided no longer to compete in amateur radio contests... I feel better about my hobby for that decision!

I am currently the operator of the GW8IZR CW skimmer station which posts CW spots to the RBN. The GW8IZR skimmer was one of the very early servers to support the RBN - The network is now well supported and development is becoming stale so I have decided to close down my feed. I will probably leave it in operation until spring 2018.

If you just came here looking for contact or location information, here it is:

Name : Paul e-mail : paul @ gw8izr . com
Lat Lon: 53'22.5N 4'21.5W QRA : IO73TI
WAB: SH48 CLX gb7rau

The rest of the 'stuff' as it develops is in here