So, a little bit about me :-) I became interested in the hobby when I was at school, I have been involved in the hobby ever since and whilst there have been a few periods of inactivity the station was re established in North Wales on the Island of Anglesey in 1999. Operating in the west of the country has both its challenges and its benefits.

An early influence was my father Wilf who is licensed, his call sign is G4EGG but he is no longer active on the radio. He still has an active interest in all matters of a technical nature. My sister Carol gained his mathematical prowess, I suppose his enquiring mindset of 'how does that work' is what was passed to me. I always look at a brand new product and immediately think 'I can make that better' :-)

Radio Communications is how I make my living, passing through the trades from technician, engineer, manager etc.. a normal working life. I particularly enjoyed working on some large national projects rolling out thousands of radio sites, agressive time scales and tight margins for error, complex technical issues and logistical problems to overcome. As I approach retirement I'm looking forward to enjoying more time with my wife Ellen and the rest of the family including the dogs, more time in the mountains and my technical hobbies. No matter how experienced we become there is always more to learn.

The following pages contain a series of articles and documents related to some of my interest in amateur radio. The pages are split into sections and I'm trying to follow a logical structure. Press the buttons to take a look

The Pages will develop as time goes by, new bits will be added. I hope some of it is of use to you, if not 73 es gd dx de Paul.